Friday, 20 November 2015

Do You Try To Read Recent Books?

You're probably aware that the Goodreads Choice Awards are going on right now.

(And if you're not, where have you been?)

Ignore her. She's just grumpy because we're a few hundred words behind on NaNo.

For those of you who aren't aware, Goodreads holds a book of the year award with several different categories such as Best YA and Best Picture Book. You can nominate your favourite book and (when it's inevitably knocked out after round one) vote in each subsequent round until a champion emerges.

Some people (like me!) only vote in one or two rounds, but a startling number vote for everything from Best YA Fantasy to Best Science and Technology, leaving me with only one question.

How do they pick their books?

This year, I have read a total of 95 books. 

(Don't look so impressed. Most of them were manga.)

Oh, don't be such a lit snob. Of those 95, the oldest is Frankenstein (published 1818, apparently). The majority, were published between 1990 and 2014. Very few of them were published in 2015. In fact, I just found out that I'll Give You The Sun, which I thought came out this year, came out last year. My entire life is a lie.   
Goodreads very kindly provides you with a list of nominees that are on your shelves. Unfortunately, all of mine are on my to-read shelf. 

All in all, I've read ten books with a 2015 release date. If that.

So how do these people do it? Is it a coincidence, or do they go out of their way to read recent releases? These aren't just people genre-bingeing on whatever's in this year. These are people reading a large and varied selection of books.

When I'm choosing what to read, I go for sequels before anything else. Then authors I will read anything by. Then it pretty much comes down to whatever's available at the library.

(Which probably explains your outdated choices.)

What about you? Do you reach for recent releases? Old favourites? Classics?  
Or are you one of these superhumans who's read something from EVERY category? How do you do it?!? Share your secrets in the comments.