Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 Resolutions (which probably won't last until January 31st)

Resolutions. We all make them. None of us stick to them. But today, I aim to change that.

(No, you don't.)

Are you kidding? I'm baring my goals on the internet for all to see. I'm linking up with Top Ten Tuesday at the Broke and the Bookish in an attempt to hold myself to the things I want to achieve.

Writing Goals

1. My writing time is sacred and should be treated as such. It is not to be taken over by reading, binge-watching (a wonderful terrible habit that I never understood until I started university), or eating.

(We both know this isn't going to happen.)

Watch this space, oh ye of little faith.

2. Finish and begin to edit another story.

Reading Goals

1. Read more novels and less manga - of the 100 books I read last year, almost half of them were manga.

2. Read 100 books for the Goodreads challenge.

Blogging Goals

1. Blog more regularly. It would be nice to get two or three posts up a week.

2. Comment on other blogs more often.

3. Continue to reply to all comments.

4. Grow my blog.

Life Goals

1. It takes eighteen years to get into good habits, and a single term at university to get out of them. Let's see the return of getting a decent amount of sleep, not treating my body like a dumping ground, and doing some regular exercise.

2. Have more social confidence.

(Congratulations. You seem to have learnt how to count.)

Now I'm tempted to add another one, just to annoy you. How about learn to silence my inner editor?

(How about not?)

What are your resolutions? Do you share any of mine? Oh, and please link me to your Top Ten Tuesday posts.