Friday, 22 January 2016

See How They Run (In Slow-Mo To The Bookshop)


About a year ago, at about three o'clock in the afternoon, I bought All Fall Down. By early evening, I'd finished it.

About a week ago, at about three o'clock in the afternoon, I bought See How They Run. By early evening, I'd finished it.

And no. This was not delibrate.

(She's not organised enough for it to be delibrate.)

But it does demonstrate the quality of this series. 

Grace and her friends are back with a new mystery to solve. It's a fast-paced, twisting, turning story. And it's tricky. Very tricky. It fooled me at least twice.

(You say that like it's hard.)

The group dynamic was on-point as usual and, this time, Grace, Noah, Rosie, Megan and Alexei are joined by a couple of new faces. There's Grace's brother, Jamie, who never actually joins the group, but is back on Embassy Row throughout, and another more familiar face whose reactions to the things they find out are hilarious.

"You almost act like you've done this before," [line omitted because of spoilers], "You've done this before?"
I'll be honest that I was dubious when they first showed signs of being plot-relevant, but I can't imagine the group without them now. It's even a little weird to flick through All Fall Down. The team's a lot more cohesive this time round too. Grace has essentially accepted that she, like all YA protagonists, is stuck with a quirky supporting cast.  

This novel, like Only The Good Spy Young, has accomplished the impossible. It made me like Alexei. It took three books (okay, four, but he wasn't in one of them) for me to warm up to Zach from Gallagher Girls, so this is quite the record breaker. Part of it probably came down to the way his relationship with Jamie was portrayed. 

 Some characters get 101 moments that show how much they care about each other. Others get just TWO. I never thought the latter could be more powerful until I read this novel.

I still love the setting. The way they talk about buildings like they're actual countries -

(That's because they are.)

 And the way they utterly freak out about entering certain embassies. Noah seems to have gotten over that now though, at least, in regards to Iran. I love the fact that an abandoned embassy has essentially become their base.

It ended on an epic cliffhanger (made even more epic by the fact that I believe she might actually do it) so now I need the next one like I need oxygen.

(I wouldn't hold your breath, the estimated release date is 2017.



...I think she's dead, folks. Idiot. I told her not to hold her breath. Oh well. 

Have you read See How They Run? Are you planning to? Who's your favourite character?)

 All quotes taken from See How They Run are copyright to Ally Carter and co.