Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ten Songs That Would Make Epic Stories

I think this week's topic was made for me - it combines music and books, two of my favourite things.

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1. The Hanging Tree by Blackmore's Knight

And not just because it's from the perspective of a tree/tree nymph. This would make a great medieval fantasy. Most of their songs would, in fact.

2.  Independence Day by Martina Mcbride 

 Just what happened to that eight year old who ended up at the county home?

3. Hello by Evanescence

Oh God, yes. I listened to this continuously when I tried to write a story about a girl with DID a while back. It's so haunting.
4.  Both Sides Of The Story by We Are The In Crowd

  A dual POV break-up story for a dual POV break-up song.
5.  Sierra by Maddie and Tae 

Because everyone like to see the mean girl get her comeuppence. 

6. Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves

 For all the girls who can trip over air, can't open the fridge without something falling out, and have a magnetic attraction to mud. Finally, a heroine who doesn't just polish up, play the part and win the pageant. Sometimes, it's okay for the leading lady to lose.

7. Brave by Idina Menzel

There's a moment in everyone's life where they just have to take a deep breath, put their best foot forward, and be brave. Every one of those moments is a story worth telling.

8. Something Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
 Two strangers on a road trip that possibly qualifies as a kidnapping. What could possibly go wrong?

9. Letter Bomb by Green Day

 I don't know why, but I can totally see this song being set in high school, the land of angst.

10. She Is, Sounded Good At The Time, and I Was Here, all by Lady Antebellum

 Don't ask me why, but I really think we need more chick lit told from a male perspective, and She Is would make a really cute one. It was the song I listened to when I was writing my favourite couple out of all the ones I've written so far. 

Sounded Good At The Time - for all those times you've woken up and wondered what on earth you were thinking when you signed up for something/agreed to do something/stayed up until 3am the night before. 

We're all on the clock every day of our lives, but some of us know when our time is going to run out. I Was Here would make a great story about someone whose time is running out trying to do something incredible.

(Do you get a kick out of showing off your total inability to count?)

No. I get a kick out of the fact that it annoys you.

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