Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Am I Writing The Same Character Twice?

I once spent four years working on the same project and, during the redrafting process, I added my favourite character out of all of the characters that I have ever written.

(And she loves all her characters, so that's saying something.)
Unfortunately, as I've plotted my newest project, I've spotted a couple of similarities between her and one of the heroines. 

They're both -
  • Rollerskaters. For one, it's a much-loved hobby that ties in with the fact that she's the fastest of the main cast. For the other, it's something she and the hero have in common.
  • Twins.
  • Tomboys.
  • Girls with tomboyish nicknames.
  • Used to SERIOUS family drama, and they're both now living with a relative instead of their parents. Both of them have also had to deal with familial expectations that made them feel uncomfortable, or inadequate, at some point.
  • Feeling guilty because of something that happened to their sibling. 
  • Very protective of their siblings.
  • In a romantic relationship with the hero at some point in the story. One because it was planned, and the other because she and the hero came to a mutual agreement that they were getting together and I just had to go along with it.
(Oh please, don't pretend you didn't love it. Whilst you were writing that story, the inside of your head was this GIF -


- On repeat. By the time you accepted that that story was never going to get any better, I was seriously rooting for you to kill one of them off. Or both of them. It's not like I'm fussy.)

How dare you even think that! And in my head too!

Anyway, you've heard their similarities, now here are their differences -
  • One is assertive and hyperactive, with a character arc about how it's okay for her to let people help her out from time to time. The other is a quiet bookworm who acts as a stabilising force for the hero, with a character arc about becoming more assertive and not being afraid to voice her opinions.
  • One is blatantly sarcastic. The other is more subtle. 
  • One smiles all the time, but all of her smiles are fake. The other smiles less, but all of her smiles are genuine.
  • Appearance-wise, you could not find two characters who look less alike.
What with the different character arcs and personalities, I shouldn't see them as similar. They want different things. They have, for the most part, different hobbies. In their groups, they have different roles. But I can't help it. I think it's the rollerskating - something that, for me, set my favourite character apart - and the fact that they're both twins from families with SERIOUS problems.

Help a girl out. Do you think these characters sound too similar?