Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Join a Book Club

Full disclosure, I'm not a member of a book club right now, but I have been a member of one, and I would definitely join one again. 

(And you would willingly enter a social situation why?)

Usually for food. Sometimes to be dramatic. Occasionally to tease, troll, and annoy.

But mainly for books.

1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you're in a book club, everybody gets a turn at choosing the book. Everybody. You can be reading zombie fiction one week, and walking through the streets of Elizabethan Britain the next.

2. Spread the Love

Which, of course, means that you sometimes get to pick. You can literally force people to read your favourite books. Do not tell me that this does not appeal to you.

My pick was deemed "weird" for some reason...

3. You Know that Feeling When You've Read an Awesome Book and Have No One to Discuss it With?

Book clubs were created to combat it. You get to talk in great length about what you liked/disliked without anybody telling you to shut up or changing the subject. And, even better, you are not just rambling aimlessly. They have read the book, so they know what you're talking about.

4. Get Out of the Book-Cave

Unfortunately, humans do need to have a certain amount of contact with other humans. Joining a book club occasionally forces you out from beneath your collapsed TBR pile and into conversation.

5. Where Else are You Going to Find the Other Main Characters?

When you inevitably fall through a portal into another world/discover your headteacher is demon spawn/run into fairies in the middle of town, you will not want to be in it alone. 

(Unless you're the designated loner.)

Ivy has her personal story all planned out. Though I doubt she plans to join up with the heroes later.

(They'll only slow me down with their silly moralising.)

Don't be like Ivy. Join a book club and ensure that, when your town turns into a dystopian wasteland overnight, you have some red shirts to throw at the zombie horde.

Tell me about your book club. Would you sacrifice them to whatever supernatural terror is secretly living among the people of your town? If you're not in one, would you like to be?