Sunday, 26 June 2016

Looking back on June! (Sunday Post #4)

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News from the Blogging Front

I'm home from uni, so I've actually managed to stick to my schedule over the last couple of weeks.

(Hallelujah! Miracles do happen.)

Most popular post this month: Sunday Post #3 - Summer Reading 

I can't say I'm surprised, link-ups always seem to be more popular than everything else...

Least popular post this month: Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes (or Your Own Personal Odyssey)

...And reviews always seem to be less so. 

 News from the Reading Front

I've added two more books to my TBR.

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Let it never be said that I have impulse control.

This month, I've finished four books (click link for review).

The Masked City - 5 Stars

A Darker Shade of Magic - 4 Stars

Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes - 4 Stars

Merlin: The Poisoned Chalice - 3 Stars 

I'm approaching the climax of Daylight Saving, so you can expect a review for that within the next couple of weeks. 

News from the Writing Front

For July, I've decided to write Something Rotten, which I originally came up with as an excuse to play around with Gothic tropes. You can find the synopsis here. My goal is 31,000, so 1000 words a day. It will be easier to meet the goal than it will be to fight off the shelved story that constantly vies for my attention whenever I start anything new.

News from the Net

22 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Jane Austen Heroines - Whilst procrastinating on my packing, I found this excellent link I thought I'd share with you. 

So that was June. How was yours? Read any good books?