Sunday, 31 July 2016

Goodbye to July! (Sunday Post #5)

Today we're linking up with Kimba at The Caffeinated Book Reviewer to say goodbye to July.

News from the Reading Front

This month, I've read two novels (click links for reviews)...

Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan - 3 stars

Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell - 5 stars

...And eight manga books.

News from the Writing Front

Can we not talk about Camp NaNo? At the moment everything I try to write either crashes after about three chapters because, despite my planning, I don't know how to continue, or because I've lost confidence in the idea after doubts have crept in and told me that it's 'stupid'. I need to write some monologues (I love a good monologue), produce some short stories, and win back my writing confidence.

News from the Blogging Front

There's a new button in the sidebar! You probably haven't noticed it because it's black and blends in with the grey background. I did try to change the colour to green, but it didn't work. Anyway, whether it stands out or not, I'm now on Bloglovin'! For anyone who doesn't know, Bloglovin' is a website that allows you to keep track of all the blogs you read in one place. Just click on the button to follow me!

Other News
  • I turned nineteen this month. It was a dreary day heralded by tolling bells and attended by the grim reaper who hovered in the corner of my bedroom, tapping his watch with one long, bony finger. 
(In other news, turning nineteen has not stopped her from being a total drama queen.)
  • I finished watching the Death Note anime. For some reason, I liked Near and Mello an awful lot more in the anime than I did the manga. The way they compensated for the lack of action with dramatic camera work made the entire thing utterly hilarious. Overall, I liked it, but did they really have to change the ending?!? I'm still trying to work out why the hell that awkward foot massage scene was in there too...
  • I've also been watching The Living and the Dead. If you won't watch it for the ghosts, the scene with Harriet and the gravestones, or Charlotte, then watch it to see Merlin denying the existence of anything that cannot be explained in the first couple of episodes. A* casting for irony.
 How was you July? Did you read anything good?