Tuesday, 5 July 2016

You Need to Read These Seven Underrated Books


It's been a while since I last linked up with the guys over at The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesday, but here we are again. This week, the topic is underrated books, underrated being defined as having less than 2000 Goodreads reviews. 

(Objection! Goodreads is a terrible way to gauge popularity. The Hunger Games has more ratings than Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.)

Only if you completely abandon your common sense. 

(Objection! You have no common sense.)

Objection, yourself. I found that Enid Blyton books technically fell into the underrated category, as did several bestselling manga series. For obvious reasons, none of them made the cut. 

...And there she goes, off to sulk by the brain stem, no doubt.

Quickly, before she comes back, take a look at my top ten underrated books.

1. Burn Mark and Witch Fire by Laura Powell 

Ratings: 1,245 and 339 respectively

Modern day London. A girl on a council estate eagerly awaits the day that her fey will inevitably show itself, and an Inquisitor's son gets a nasty surprise.

I love this series, the magic is gritty, the dynamic between the two main characters is glorious, and the dialogue is very very British. 

2. Dogfight by Craig Simpson

Ratings: 69

Set in Nazi occupied Norway, Dogfight follows Finn and Loki's escape to Allied Britain.
Do they make it?

Well, that would be telling...

3. Unique by Alison Allen-Gray

Ratings: 412

One of the few books that I read at school and actually enjoyed. Artsy Dominic is a disappointment to his father. It isn't until he discovers that he had an older brother that he starts to piece together the real reason why.

4. The Accident by Diane Hoh

Ratings: 617

There's a girl in Megan's mirror. A dead girl. All she wants is a few weeks of her time...

 I read a lot of Point Horror novels when I was in year eight. Most of them were nothing to write home about, but this one swallowed me whole.

5. Heart-Shaped Bruise by Tanya Bryne

Ratings: 1,428

To sum up...
            • Crime thriller
            • Awesome protagonist
            • Revenge
            • Why has nobody read this?!?

6. Hollow Earth by Carole and John Barrowman

Ratings: 1,509

Don't be put off by the fact that one of the writers is an actor. The characters of Hollow Earth are well-drawn, with magical abilities that rely heavily on art. It relies a little too much on twin stereotypes at times but, honestly, I think that kids'll love it.

 (*Climbs back up the brain stem and hovers on the edge of consciousness, hands in the pockets of her black hoody*)

7. The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman

Ratings: 1,566

(Objection! This hasn't even been released everywhere yet.)

Can you point me to the rule that says that it has to have been?


Thought not. This is the sequel to The Invisible Library. Basically, Kai is kidnapped, Irene heads to fey-infested Venice to save him and spends most of her time casually leaning on the fourth wall.

This is another one that I reviewed rather recently.

Have you read any of these? Link me to your TTT posts!