Thursday, 25 August 2016

It. Gets. Better. (Lament by Maggie Stiefvater)

'"Isn't that funny?"
"Funny 'haha' or funny 'strange'?"
James handed them back. "Funny 'occult'."
"Ah. Funny 'strange'."' - Maggie Stiefvater, Lament, page 67 

The one thing I wish I'd been told before I started reading Lament is that it gets better. It's split into six books. Books one and two dragged. It starts looking up at book three and, by the time you reach the climax, you won't be able to put it down.

Things I disliked about Lament -
  • Luke. Seriously, I kept waiting, hoping, praying for him to become the villain and for James to whack him with an iron shovel. 
  • Instalove. Specifically, Deirdre and Luke's instalove. And then Luke's response to Deirdre saying that she thought James was jealous -"I love you more than he does." I almost threw my book across the room. James has known Deirdre for years. Luke has known her for a fortnight at the most
  • Deirdre's inexplicable inability to do anything without crying first. In the later books it's warranted, but she does it more in the earlier books. WHY?
  • Deirdre's powers. She kept randomly discovering new ones. I was sitting there waiting for an explanation that never came.
  • Deirdre's narration. She. Whines. So. Much.
(And you didn't like her? But you have so much in common.)

I hate you.

Things I liked about Lament -
  • James. Stiefvater novels always have one male character who it's impossible to hate, and James is Lament's. 
  • The fairies themselves. Nothing annoys me more than helpful fairies. Fairies are not helpful. They steal your children, and sour your milk, and lure you to mysterious lands where they carve you up and EAT YOU!
  • The surnames. Monaghan. Dillon. Morgan is, of course, one of my favourite boys names. 
  • The fact that the meaning of Deirdre's name (sorrowful woman) was actually mentioned several times throughout the story. I'm sorry. I'm a name nerd.
  • The climax. Fairies can be so gruesome...
This is definitely worth a read, especially if you like homicidal fairies. 

Have you read Lament? What's your favourite Stiefvater book?