Sunday, 11 September 2016

My 100th Post! Three Things I Know I Need to Improve about My Blogging

Get the flags out! I made it to one hundred posts! 

(*Waves flag*)

...It's an expression, Ivy. And at the very least try not to look exasperated. Every post after this one is going to have a giant ONE at the front of its number!

(Which makes this the perfect time to work out how to IMPROVE, yes?)




(You have any other ideas?)


Three Things I Know I Need to Improve about My Blogging

1. Green Eggs and Comma Spam

Comma spam is my biggest writing flaw. It's like I see a sentence and I have to pepper it with commas. I've started trying to ask myself, does it sound right when you take a pause there?

(Not when it's every other word.)

2. Ideas. None of Them.

I either have loads of ideas, or none of them. At the moment, I'm running on empty. I'm hoping that, when I go back to uni, I'll have more because I'll be back to reading eight hundred books a week. I need to start keeping a list of my ideas, because it's no good having them if I forget them before I can write them up.

3. My Incredible Lack of Picture-Making Skill

Click on any blogging advice website, and it'll tell you that pictures are the most important part of any blog.

(I believe they refer to them as visual media, not pictures.)

Thank you, Miss Pedantic. 

I don't use a lot of pictures and, when I do, they're usually unedited and taken on my phone. Last month, I joined Canva in an attempt to ensure that every post I write contains at least one picture because Bloglovin' displays the first picture in your post.

Whilst I don't use a lot of pictures, I do use a lot of GIFs.

(Case in Point.)
Sometimes though, using GIFs makes me nervous. I get them from Giphy, a GIF sharing site, and, whilst I've been told that this is perfectly fine because they're uploaded there so that other people can use them, I'm nervous by nature. 

Where do you get your GIFs? Are there any improvements that you want to make to your blogging?