Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Let's Try Something New - NaNo Liveblog

We've hit the halfway mark and I'm over 10,000 words behind! I was trying to think of a new way to encourage myself to write quickly and I've seen plenty of liveblogs floating around, so I thought, why not?

Here's how it's going to work. 

1. Tonight at 7pm (GMT), I'm going to start writing. Here's a handy time zone converter for those of you who live in different time zones. 

2. I'm going to be posting my word count as I go. Probably every half an hour.

3. You can join me at any time. Just post in the comments or message me on NaNo. If you do join, please link me to your NaNo page so that I can link back to it from the blog, and make sure to send me your word count updates so that I can post them.

4. Anyone who wants to join in might want to bring their armour because there will be word wars!

It's kicking off right here, on this post, at 7pm (GMT), so come back then if you want in! If people could help spread the word to those who might be interested, I'd really appreciate it.  

7:02pm (GMT)

(You're late.)

I know. I'm sorry. There was a queue at Tesco, and then I had to put the shopping away, and the laptop wasn't booted up, and the internet was slow, and -

(Enough! Stop rambling and start writing.)


Time: 7:05pm
Current Word Count: 14,240

Time: 7:25pm
Words Gained: 315

(Good. Take five, and we'll go again.)

Time: 7:35pm
Current Word Count: 14,555

Time: 7:50pm
Words Gained: 155

Time: 8pm
Current Word Count: 14,710

Time: 8:30pm
Words Gained: 265

(You're too slow!)

Be fair, Ivy. In the last half hour, I had to do some quick research to come up with a school name.

(You could've used a placeholder. Now get going.)  

Time: 8:35pm
Current Word Count: 14,975  

Time: 9:00pm
Words Gained: 302

Time: 9:10pm
Current Word Count: 15,277

Time: 9:32pm
Words Gained: 264

Time: 9:45pm
Current Word Count: 15,541

Time: 10:04pm
Words Gained: 166

(Is it me, or are you getting slower?)

Shut up!

Time: 10:15pm
Current Word Count: 15,707

Time: 10:45pm
Words Gained: 271

Current Word Count: 15,978   

Time: 11:24pm
Words Gained: 293

I have some reading to do, so I'm going to leave it there. I've written 2031 words tonight, which isn't bad for me. My total word count is now 16,271. I'm still behind by a lot, but, if I can write as many words as I've written today every night for the rest of NaNo, I will win. 

Game on.