Sunday, 6 November 2016

My First Blogoversary!

(I can't believe we made it.)

I can.

As of today, Ivyclad Ideas is a year old, which probably means that I should stop referring to myself as a baby blogger. In 365 days, we've posted 112 times and had 7332 people stop by.

Our most popular post was You Need to Read these Seven Underrated Books.

My favourite posts were The Seven Deadly Sins of Reading, The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Reading, The Seven Stages of Waiting for a Book Release (in GIFs), and A Brief Guide to Gothic Tropes One, Two, and Three.

Shout-out to Cynthia @ Baldur's Ice Cream and Chocolate, Shar @ Virtually Read, Kate @ The Magic Violinist, Cait @ Paper Fury, Mironiel Blokzyl @ The Life of a Mirkwood Elf, and Carly @ Books and Etc. for all of their comments, and their general awesomeness. 

I know it's a bit short and I haven't really said anything exciting, but it's the middle of NaNo, I have essays due in next week, and I couldn't let the day slip by without doing something.

How many years have you been blogging for? Leave a shout-out to another blogger in the comments!