Thursday, 22 December 2016

Let's Play Ivyclad Bingo! (2017 Reading Challenge)

Welcome to the Ivyclad Ideas 2017 Reading Challenge - IVYCLAD BINGO!

The rules are simple. 

1. If you want to join, make a post on your own blog announcing your participation (or drop it at the end of another post, whatever) and linking back to this post. Yes, you can use the graphic above. If you aren't a blogger, create a challenge shelf on Goodreads.

2. Leave your name and the link to your post or shelf in the comments so that I can add you to the participants list at the bottom of this post.

3. Read!

In Ivyclad Bingo, there are twenty challenges.
  1. Read a Classic
  2. Read a book with a male protagonist
  3. Read a book with a female protagonist
  4. Read a book with a typo in it
  5. Read a retelling
  6. Read a book with a first person narrator
  7. Read a book with a third person narrator
  8. Read a book with aliens in it
  9. Read a short story
  10. Read a book with no romance
  11. Read a book with a love triangle 
  12. Read a book from the dreaded adult section
  13. Read a play
  14. Read a book set in the UK
  15. Read a book set in a fantasy land
  16. Read a book where everyone dies (four deaths or more)
  17. Read a book that is also a film
  18. Read a book with less than 200 pages
  19. Read a book with more than 500 pages
  20. Read a book with pictures (picture books, books with illustrations, comics, manga, and graphic novels all count)
There are four rankings.
  1. Bingo! - fill one row or column
  2. King Me! - fill two rows or columns 
  3. Triple Goddess! - fill three rows or columns
  4. Full House! - fill the entire board
(Objection! These are not all bingo terms. 'King Me' is from checkers, the 'Triple Goddess' is the maiden/mother/crone trio commonly worshipped in pagan mythology, and 'Full House' is a poker hand.)

We at Ivyclad Ideas believe that consistancy is overrated

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Remember, if you want to link up, I need you to leave your name and a link to your Ivyclad Bingo blog post/shelf in the comments. 

Participants -

Rain @ Ivyclad Ideas 

Shar @ Virtually Read