Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Five of My Favourite Manga Series


For the first time in forever, we're linking up with the guys over at The Broke and the Bookish to take part in Top Ten Tuesday. This week, it's all about images, everything from picture books to graphic novels, so, naturally, we're going with manga. 

1. +Anima by Natsumi Mukai

More people need to read this, because it's absolutely adorable. It's about four kids - Cooro, Husky, Senri, and Nana - who each have the ability to transform into one specific animal. It's about family and belonging, and it has enough twists and action to keep you on your toes. I read this ages ago, but it's still one of my favourites.

2. Black Cat by Kentaro Yabuki

 Not so long ago, Train Heartnet was Chrono Number XIII, the Black Cat.

...Not that you'd know it from how he acts.

Now, Train's a sweeper (basically a bounty hunter), working with Sven and Eve, but his past is never too far behind him...

3. School Judgement by Nobuaki Enoki and Takeshi Obata

Imagine the Ace Attorney games, but set in an elementary school.
It only has four volumes, but it's quirky and it gets surprisingly dark towards the end. 

4. Magi by Shinobu Ohtaka

Calling all retelling readers! Set in a vast fantasy world, Magi draws from 1000 Arabian Nights for many character and plot elements.

Aladdin is a Magi, responsible for choosing a King. He and his two friends, Alibaba and Morgiana, spend most of their time getting inadvertedly caught up in political feuding. It is not (usually) their fault.

5. Noragami by Adachitoka

Yato is a god. I mean, he doesn't have a shrine, and his shinki just quit on him, but what do those things matter? He's still a god. Totally. Still. A. God. 

...A god doing odd jobs for pittance.

Recommend me some manga series! Do you have a favourite? Have you read any of mine? Ooh! And don't forget to link me to your TTT post!