Tuesday, 14 February 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy More Books

You can never have enough books. Books can teach you new skills, ensure that you eat properly, and provide you with a handy escape hatch when life is getting you down. There is absolutely no reason why - bank willing - you should shy away from buying books.

Here are ten reasons why you need more books in your life.

1. Books are the Best Teachers

You can learn all sorts from books. The Raven Boys, for example, taught me how to throw a punch.

(Theoretically. I'm pretty sure that if you actually tried to fight somebody, they'd break you.)

Theoretically is all I need. Nobody's ever going to take a swing at a short girl with glasses. 

2. Aesthetic

If you want to pass for an evil genius, you need books in your lair. What do you think James Bond or Batman would say if they turned up at a villain's hideout and saw nothing but empty Chinese takeaway boxes and a beat-up TV? 

Unless of course you're a student supervillain, in which case you need haphazard stacks of books scattered across your floor, slumping over week-old takeaway boxes, and collapsed over your laptop.

(That is stereotyping, and that is wrong.)

So is wrecking people's self-esteem over minor grammar errors, but that doesn't stop you.

3. Support Your Local Bookshops

Especially your independent ones. There's nothing quite like walking into a little shop that's crammed with shelves stuffed full of battered old books. Let's help them stay on our high streets by buying our books there. You'd be surprised at the gems you can pick up in second-hand shops.

4. You Need the Full Series

No, I don't care if you borrowed the first couple from the library. If you have the last five, you need the first two for...um...reasons like...


Yes! Thank you, Ivy! Rereading. How are you supposed to reread if you don't own the entire set?  

5. Offers

If there is a three for two offer going on at your local bookshop, you are morally obliged to buy three books and pretend that paying full price for two books that you would not otherwise have bought is saving money.

6. Readathons

If you don't have any books to read, you can't take part.

(7. You Can't Live On Pasta Forever) 

Watch me.

(Seriously. Cookbooks are books too. Go out and invest in a couple. You'll thank me in a decade or two.)

8. You Need the Biggest To-Read Pile

It's a competition now. Winner gets bragging rights.

9. Reality is Disappointing

There is a distinct lack of dragons. And adventures. And boys who smell of cinnamon. (Seriously, why does every book boy have a distinct smell? And why is this supposed to be attractive? Somebody please explain YA logic to me.)
Buy a book. Fall into it. Be someone else for an hour or two.  

10. There Will Be No Books During the Zombie Apocalypse

So you better buy them now, whilst they're still available. 

What are your excuses reasons for buying more books?