Thursday, 2 February 2017

Five Blogging Resolutions

After an interesting -


...It was somewhat inactive.

(It was completely inactive.)

We made five posts!


...After a disastrous January, I've come up with five blogging resolutions. 

1. Check Bloglovin' More Often

No, you do not not have the time. It takes five minutes. Five. Minutes. If you can find twenty to watch an episode of a cartoon, you can find five to log into Bloglovin', pick a couple of posts, and leave a couple of comments.

2. Jot Down Your Post Ideas

No, you won't remember it later. Your desk is already scattered with scraps of paper covered in dialogue notes, plot twists, and essay plans. One more is not going to bring it crashing down.

3. Pick a Tag, Any Tag

You can find book tags all over the internet. It doesn't matter if it's no longer going around. Just pick one and revive it. If you're stuck for ideas, a tag is a great way to get something up. You could even make your own if you wanted. If you're out of ideas, one of these is the way to go.

4. Write Reviews Quickly

You can't write a review if you can't remember the feeling you had upon turning the final page. It doesn't matter if it's a rainbow-coloured mess spewed across the page. Just get it down. You can edit it later. Or never. This is the internet. If it's correctly spelt, you're doing well.

5. Read. Listen. Live.

Because how else are you going to get inspiration?

We're back, guys!

(Technically, we never left.)

Go back to the subconscious!

Do you have any blogging resolutions?

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