Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What Does the Time You Write Say about You?

Some of us rise with the birds and tap out ten pages before breakfast.

(And some of us only ever seem to type around the midnight hour. Looking at nobody in particular.)

Be fair. I know that I'm actually at my most productive between 9am and 11am, but, more often than not, I'm in class at those times. 

(What's stopping you from writing between 6pm and 10pm?)

Reading. Societies. The fact that I am apparently powered by moonlight. 

Look. When you write isn't important - what's important is that you are writing, you are trying, you are improving - but it does say something about you.

The Early Birds

You're up at the crack of dawn and off before breakfast. A productive and dedicated individual, you know that you can always fix the typos caused by your half-asleep state during editing. Often found hunched over their desk, rubbing sleep out of their eyes as the sun rises over the city.

Midmorning Magic

Are you self-employed? Homeschooled? Is it the summer holidays? Do you write in class? Somehow, you are able to organise your own day to leave these magical midmorning hours free for writing. You have a flexible schedule. Often found at home on the sofa, curled up with their laptop.

Mealtime Madness

Be it breakfast, lunch, or tea, if you're writing at a mealtime, you're either a workaholic or so busy that you can't take twenty minutes out of your day without your world crashing down around you. You probably live off fast food and ready meals, and have almost destroyed your laptop by spilling your drink on it at least once. Often found by the microwave, scribbling as the timer counts down, or at the table, shovelling food frantically into their mouths. 

Arty Afternooner

More laidback than the morning writers, the arty afternooners wait until they're fully awake and well-fed before they put pen to paper. Either has a flexible schedule, or works part-time/has classes in the morning. Often found sitting in coffee shops, tapping away on their laptops.

Evening Ink

Cue the Dolly Parton music, because you're working nine to five five days a week. You're either still in education, or have a job. The evening is when you finally have time to do what you want to do. And you want to write. Often found on their sofa or at their desk, with a snack in easy reach.

Midnight Typist

You either don't need a lot of sleep, live in a sleep-deprived haze, or both. Maybe you wait for your inner editor to be asleep before you write, maybe this is how you meet work-related deadlines and you've carried the habit over into your writing, or maybe you just write whenever you get the urge. Midnight typists are unpredictable. And possibly insane. May occasionally pull an accidental all-nighter. Often found sat in bed with their laptop.

When do you write?