Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Folding the Corners over - It's Not a Crime!

I have a confession to make. I am not who you think. It's true that I like books - no, I love books - and I own many of them, but I am also a serial offender of the most shocking crime a bookworm can commit. 

(You mean -)

Yes! I, Rain, reguarly engage in the disgusting act of...folding over the corners to mark my page.

(...You might want to dial down the drama.)

Ah! You flinch away. I can see your arrow, moving to the cross in the corner of the tab, but wait. Perhaps I can explain my...alternative page-marking choice.

(...I said down, Rain, down, Goddammit!) 

As a child, I used bookmarks. Useful little things, I admit, but easily lost. To the bowels of my bedroom cupboard. To the thieving fingers of friends. To library books, returned with them still inside. 

As a teen, I used slips of paper, cheap and plentiful, from a memo block, or simply put the book down flat. Spine be damned. 

But, as I grew older, my eyes were opened to the dark side. What can I say? They offered me cookies. Bookmarks can fall out. Books placed flat can be knocked off whatever surface they're sat on. A folded corner rarely unfolds.

And why shouldn't we fold the corners over? Do we buy books so that they'll sit pretty on our shelves, or do we buy them to read? A book with marks on the pages, a book with a cracked spine, and creased corners, that's a book that's been read. That's a book that's been enjoyed, loved. Not one that's kept in a sterile case, or hidden away from even the air in some misguided attempt to protect it. If a is not touched, is not marked, is not read, is it even a book at all? 

(...Are you done?)

Yeah, I'm done.

(Free for all. You can tell her she's a monster now.)