Sunday, 21 May 2017

I'm Back! (Sunday Post #9)

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There's a strong possibility that I took an unofficial week's hiatus whilst I finished off my coursework, but here I am, back just in time for Sunday Post.

News From the Reading Front

Since the beginning of May, I have only managed to read one novel.

Never Let Me Go: 2 stars. If you want to drown in my disappointment, you can read my review here

The good news is that I can now read however much I want, so today I started The Ice Cream Girls.
This is why I do not do book photography.

News From the Writing Front

Writing is happening too! I have a project for the summer. The word count goal is 75,000 words. It's perfectly managable (just over 600 words a day) and I will be disappointed with myself if I don't reach it.

(You're going to be disappointed then.)

Yeah... I know.

News From the Blogging Front

I now have a profile picture of something that probably isn't, but looks like ivy. By which I mean it's clinging to a wall. I am not a botanist.

Do you have any summer plans? Don't forget to link me to your Sunday Post posts!