Sunday, 18 June 2017

Reading Challenges and Writing Updates (Sunday Post #10)

Hosted by Kimberley @ The Caffeinated Book Reviewer
I'm writing this from my uni room, but, if you're reading it, it means that I'm home for summer. Second year is over. I do not want to be a third year.

(Nobody does.)

News from the Reading Front

I'm in a slump.

(Are you laughing or crying?)

I'm not enjoying The Ice Cream Girls and the third Embassy Row book is disappointing so far. On the bright side, I finished the Shaman King series a couple of days ago.

I need to start reading my coursebooks for next year within a couple of weeks.

In an attempt to break out of my slump, I've joined the summer reading challenge over at Pretty Deadly Reviews.

News from the Writing Front

I'm 11,113 words into my summer project. Impressed, Ivy?

(...A little.)

I'm going to do Camp NaNo in July - who knows, maybe I can finish my first draft a little quicker - but I haven't decided on my word count yet.

News from the Blogging Front

I was surprised earlier this week to notice that my most read post of all time is not a weekly meme or a tag. It's Writers Don't Owe Us Anything, also known as that rant I wrote back in March.

What are you reading at the moment?