Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Start with a Bang, End with a Stutter (Take the Key and Lock Her up by Ally Carter)

2/5 Stars

"Hush, little princess, dead and gone,
No one's gonna know you're coming home.
Hush, little princess, wait and see,
No one's gonna know that you are me..." - Ally Carter, Take the Key and Lock Her up, page 290

I doubt anyone was expecting me to give this a two star rating after I gave the first two books five stars, but here we are. 

I'm disappointed. The plot basically consisted of Grace not listening to people, trying to run off on her own, and having long internal monologues about what a bad idea something was before going off and doing it. Thinking about it now, my main problem with it was that Grace spent a good amount of the novel alone and she's just not interesting enough to sustain it by herself. I wasn't interested in the resolution of the secret princess plotline because, to me, it seemed like a none issue. Without the bodies, there's no real way to prove that Grace is a princess, so why does the society feel the need to fuss?

I did like the villain. I thought she had a believable motivation. After all she gave up her life to try and set things right, so why shouldn't Grace do the same? I also felt like she came out of nowhere though. Perhaps I need to re-read book two and see if I can spot any foreshadowing. Her ultimate fate seems in bad taste when you consider Grace and Karina's backstories.

It feels a little late in the game to be introducing a love triangle, but I guess it wouldn't really be an Ally Carter novel without one. There is nothing wrong with Thomas. In fact, I rather liked him. I certainly liked him more than I liked Alexei who went back to being controlling. Grace and Alexei's relationship has never really rang true for me. 

Overall, I do think that my own problems with Grace as a character and the romance are what ruined this series for me. It's not a bad book by any means. I just didn't enjoy it.

Have you ever felt let down by the final book in a series?