Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Themed Names - Elements

Elemental powers are the fictional equivalent of having brown eyes. The classical elements - water, fire, earth and air - seem to be in every other story, often with a fifth "element" thrown in for good measure. Even when they're not, elemental names work well for personality traits too. Have a fiery character? Why not give them a fire-based name. Is your character adaptable? Water names could work well.

Here are some elemental names for all your character naming needs.



Aithne - Irish name meaning "fire".

Ember - A piece of burning kindling in a dying fire.

Fiametta - Italian name meaning "little fiery one".

Hestia - Greek Goddess of the hearth and home.

Kenna - Female form of Kenneth. Scottish name meaning "born of fire".

Seraphina - Has its roots in 'Seraphim', a rank of angel. Means "fiery one".

Vesta - Roman name for Hestia, Goddess of the hearth and home. 


Aiden - Meaning "fire".

Blaze - A bright, burning fire.

Flint - Used to create a spark.

Fudo - Japanese name meaning "God of fire and wisdom".

Keegan - Meaning "fiery".

Kenneth - Scottish name meaning "born of fire". 

Phoenix - A bird that bursts into flames when it dies and is reborn from the ashes. 


Ash - What's leftover after a fire. Can be short for Ashley.



Brooke - Ever heard of a babbling brook? A body of water like a stream.

Isla - From 'Islay', a Scottish river. Always makes me think of islands, though that's probably down to the spelling.

Marissa - From the Latin 'Maris' meaning "of the sea". 

Marina - From 'Marinus', the Latin for "mariner".

Rain - Water that falls from the sky.

Ran - The name of the Norse Goddess of drowning. Also a Japanese name meaning "orchid".

Thalassa - Primeval sea Goddess. Her name means "of the sea".


Aberforth - In Gaelic, this name means "from the river".

Caspian - The Caspian Sea is actually a lake. 

Dylan - Welsh name meaning "son of the wave". Its less common female form is Dylana.

Kai - This name has so many meanings, among them "pier of a harbour" (Basque) and "sea" (Hawaiian). Can also mean "fire" (Scottish). 

Rio - Meaning "River".

Ford - A point at which you can walk across a river because the water is so shallow.

Triton - The messenger of the sea and a son of Poseidon. In astronomy, it is the name of Neptune's largest moon.


Ariel - Although it is a Hebrew name meaning "lion of God", it has watery connotations as the name of the Disney princess from The Little Mermaid

Mizuko - Japanese name meaning "water child".

Ren - Japanese name meaning "water lily".

River - As in the body of water. 



Ceres - Roman name for Demeter, the Goddess of agriculture.

Eden - As in the Garden of Eden from Genesis. 

Flora - Roman Goddess of flowers.

Idun - Norse Goddess who acts as the keeper of the golden apples of immortality.  

Medeina - Lithuanian Goddess of nature.

Persephone - Greek Goddess of spring and the Queen of the Underworld. Persephone leaving earth for the under world every year was believed to be what made spring and summer turn to autumn and winter.

Terra - Roman name for Gaia, the Goddess of the earth.


Adam - The first man made by God in Genesis. Adam means "of the red earth".

Dagan - Hebrew name meaning "earth". 

Dimitri - Meaning "of Demeter". Demeter was the Greek Goddess of agriculture.

Geb - Egyptian God of the earth. Earthquakes were believed to be caused by him laughing. The name has also been read as Seb or Keb in the past.

Heath - Synonym for 'moor'.

Sage - A plant used as a herb in cooking. Means "wise".

Tor - A rocky peak on a hill. Also means "God of Thunder". 

(For more earth names, see our list of Names from the Garden.)


Anemone - From classical mythology. Means "daughter of the wind".

Aria - Italian word for "air".

Aurai - Air spirits in Classical mythology. 

Iris - The Greek Goddess of the rainbow. Also the name of a flower.

Skye - After the Scottish Isle of Skye. 

Thora - Meaning "Goddess of thunder". Feminine variation of Thor.

Wendy - Invented by J.M. Barrie for the heroine of Peter Pan. Sounds like 'windy'.


Auster - Roman embodiment of the sirocco wind.

Corus - A minor Roman wind deity.

Gale - A strong wind.

Neil - Meaning "cloud".

Ray - Short for Raymond. Ray means "beam of light" in English, hence why people talk about the rays of the sun.

Yuki - Japanese name meaning "snow".

Zephyr - A westerly wind. Comes from Zephyrus, one of the Anemoi from Classical mythology.


Skylar - Has various meanings, one of which is "sky". A variation on the Dutch Schuyler, meaning "scholar".

Tempest - Meaning "stormy".

 Can you think of any other elemental names?