Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Is Blogging Unprofessional?

It's a question that's been bugging me recently, is blogging unprofessional? Is the very act of being passionate about the things you love going to someday have a negative effect on your professional life?

It's something we heard a lot about at school, that prospective employers would google you to see if you got up to anything untoward. It's no longer just about whether you have a criminal record. Now it's about what slang you use or how many photos you post. It doesn't matter that most people would act differently in the workplace than they would with their friends. It's all about the image. My first contract came with a social media policy, though it only really applied if you felt the need to announce your place of work on your social media pages or criticise it.

I dislike this idea that we should be on the clock all the time. That, before we do anything, we should be thinking, what if someone's watching me? What would people think? Yes, the internet is a public place and we should think before we post, but the high street is also a public place. Does that stop you from joking with your mates when you're walking down it? At the end of the day, the internet is what we make of it. Do we really want it to be a place where everyone is hiding behind facades just in case someone is watching, or do we want it to be a place of passion and self-expression? 

I see my blog as personal. Not professional. It's a place I come to talk about the things I love. It's a bit geeky, a bit dramatic, a bit sarcastic at times, but that's just me. I'm all three of those things dialled up to eleven. You couldn't find it by googling my name and, even if you could, it would be difficult to tell that you definitely had the right person, there's just not enough personal information. I could see how it might count against me if I wanted to pursue a career in journalism (which I don't) because it's not "serious", but other than that? I'm just not sure. 

What do you think? Is blogging unprofessional?