Monday, 6 November 2017

I'm Two!

As of today, Ivyclad Ideas has been around for two whole years! To celebrate, I've gone back through the archives to round up some of my favourite posts.

A Brief Guide to Gothic Tropes
Part One - Character | Part Two - Setting | Part Three - Theme

I love Gothic fiction so this was a really fun trilogy for me to write. It was originally supposed to be just the one post but it got far too long. Brief in name only.

Folding the Corners Over, it's NOT a Crime

Simply for the voice. Crafting the voice for this was too much fun.

Ten Problems Every Bookworm Can Relate to

For Ivy's snark as much as for all the people in the comments going, "YES. ALL OF THIS."

(Aw. You do appreciate me.)

Tolerate. The word you're looking for is tolerate.

Deadly Sins and Heavenly Virtues

The Seven Deadly Sins of Reading | The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Reading

Readers, saintly angels or angst-ridden demons?

(The second one is more fun.)


Writers Don't Owe Us Anything

I was salty when I wrote this, but the point still stands. This is actually my all-time most popular post!

Shout-out to our regular commenters Kate @ The Magic Violinist, Shar @ Virtually Read, and Cait @ Paper Fury.

Everyone in the comments gets virtual cake!