Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Mark Your Calendars - Genre Splash is Coming!

Surprise! I'm hosting a readathon at really short notice!

(I don't think anyone expects notice from this blog anymore. You're just so wonderfully organised.)

I know after the last one I took part in I said that readathons weren't for me, but I have a stack of comics to get through from the library before I can even start on the ones I own so here we go. I'm hosting GENRE SPLASH.

What is Genre Splash? 

It's a readathon with a twist. The idea is to pick a single genre - preferably one you have a lot of on your TBR pile - and binge-read it. You can pick literally anything: YA fantasy, 18th century plays, shonen manga, Shakespearean tragedy, Gothic novels... Personally, I'm going with superhero comics.

When is Genre Splash?

Sunday 1st July 2018. That's this coming Sunday.  

How Can I Take Part?

First and foremost, you need to create a post announcing your chosen genre so that you can link up below. Don't have a blog? Create a Goodread's shelf, or a tweet, or whatever else you choose. Anything's acceptable so long as it can be used in a link-up. You're welcome to use the graphic at the top of this post across social media.

On the day itself, you can use the tag #GenreSplash to post updates across social media. If you want, you can also dash off a quick post at the end of the day (I'll create a second link-up for those) to wrap-up what you've read.

Will you be taking part in Genre Splash?

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