Sunday, 1 July 2018

Genre Splash Wrap-up

What is it with me and readathons? I know I like to be able to stop reading when I feel like it - I worked that much out last time - yet here I am hosting one. Unbelievable. Anyway, this was a glorious idea on paper (not so much in practise), though I haven't put anywhere near the dent I wanted to in the superhero comics I have on my physical TBR. Still, let's review. Here's what I got through today.

Batman: Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs Anarky by Tim Seeley

I've been dipping in and out of this series. I read the first two, then I ummed and ahhed about picking up the third one, then decided to skip it because of the tagline - "Riddle me this - who's going to die alone?" - and then I missed this one completely. One of my local comic shops still had it though, so I managed to pick it up late. A couple of the things Catwoman said in this made me think she was having second thoughts. Whilst the sheer amount of build up makes me think there's a chance they might, I really don't think DC are going to go through with this wedding. I know I'm saying that having read relatively little of the material, but think of it like this: how difficult will it be to write a relationship where Batman and Catwoman are married, but not Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle? (Also, how does that even work legally? You know what, we're not going to think about it too hard...) Anyway, Red Hood had some amusing one-liners but I wasn't overstruck by this issue. Anarky was clearly just looking to create chaos, but I don't feel like I understand anything about him beyond that. It also felt really oddly paced at times, like when we cut from Anarky telling Red Hood about his daddy issues to Red Hood dumping him at the station.

Birds of Prey by Chuck Dixon - 2 Stars

This one dragged. Early on, a lot of the dialogue feels quite stilted. The storylines were quite samey too - I don't think there was one where Black Canary didn't remove her earrings and stop listening to Oracle. That said, I did enjoy the arc towards the end. Everything's better with Catwoman, and I've never read anything with Huntress in before but she seems cool too.

I had been planning to read the second volume of this, since I'd gotten them both out of the library, but I decided that I couldn't face it. Not today, at least.

It occurs to me that everything I've read today had Catwoman in...

I did not like the beginning of this very much. The issues narrated by the detective weren't interesting to me simply because he wasn't interesting to me. Not to mention the fact that we already know everything that he's about to learn: Selina Kyle and Catwoman are the same person, and neither of them are dead (I highly doubt I'd be reading a volume called "Catwoman" if they were). Once I got past that part, however, this was enjoyable. Catwoman dons a new costume and heads out to help out women in one of Gotham's worst areas. This is certainly darker than most comics I've read: Catwoman is hunting someone who's killing prostitutes and it's outright stated that the police don't care simply because of what the women do. It's depressing because it's truth in fiction. The law should protect everyone, not just the people who those enforcing it feel it should.

Thank you to those who took part in my readathon, especially on such short notice. I don't know if any of you plan on writing a wrap-up, but if you do you can link up below.