Thursday, 2 August 2018

Crossover Crisis (Super Sons of Tomorrow by Peter J. Tomasi)

Superboy: "We only learn by making our own choices, dad." - Peter J. Tomasi, Super Sons of Tomorrow

If you're not familiar with Super Sons, it's about Jon Kent (Superboy) and Damian Wayne (Robin) fighting crime together. It's a fun dynamic. On the one hand you have Jon who's a ball of sunshine (if balls of sunshine are allowed to have sarcasm down to an art), and on the other you have Damian who was raised by assassins and takes himself way too seriously. This is the crossover arc that ties into that series. It involves a future version of Tim Drake trying to kill Superboy so that he can't be responsible for thousands of deaths in the future.

It would have been really nice for him to at least act like the idea of killing Jon, of all characters, was painful to him.

The Good
  • As always, I love the dynamic between Damian and Jon, and I love that it actually changes and evolves the further through the series you get. 
  • I'd heard Starfire was a princess, but that must have been wrong because the woman is obviously a queen. She's not taking any of future-Tim's bull.
  • I cannot believe that Batman's biggest issue with future-Tim is that he uses guns. Like, the man is literally wiping the floor with you right now, I think he might be past wanting your approval.
  • I actually don't think that Future-Tim's last second sacrifice comes completely out of nowhere. Raven said that she and Beast Boy would help him provided that he didn't kill Superboy. "Depower him. Contain him. Help him." Those were the options she gave, and that's essentially what he does.
  • I'm pretty sure, given Beast Boy's comment, that Conner, Cassie, and Bart all exist in this timeline too and everyone's currently just forgotten them for some reason. Whilst we're on the subject, I love Cassie's Wonder Woman costume for some reason.
  • The art is consistantly good all the way through.
The Bad
  • That is an unexpectedly sullen Bart Allen.
  • Isn't Tim supposed to be smart? Getting rid of Batman and Superman was a good idea, but literally everything else he does makes things worse. Everything. He's falling through time, phasing in and out of the past, present, and furture, but it never seems to occur to him that his very presence changes the timeline. It's outright stated that he's "in the middle" of whatever future conflict Damian and Jon have (I mean, I'm not saying that he's personally responsible for the bad timeline, except that that is exactly what I'm saying), and he manages to set Jon's solar flare off twice in the current timeline. It's not "too soon", his existence has just changed everything.
  • Raven and Beast Boy trusting future-Tim because they know current-Tim? Makes sense, I suppose. Superman trusting future-Tim's word after he's locked him up in a red kryptonite cage? Only if red kryptonite affects his critical thinking. 
Also, just a general question: the Saviour costume is put together in a matter of minutes from a bunch of different costumes, so why is it so much cooler than the current Red Robin costume? Is that why they didn't call their universe's Tim? Were they scared he'd defect?

Anyway, this was fun. The plot was a bit questionable in places, but the characters more than made up for that.