About Me (and Ivy)

Hello, thanks for stopping by.

I'm a twenty year old British student. I read mostly YA and manga books, but every now and then a post will be contaminated by one of my coursebooks. Sorry about that. 

Ivy is my demonic inner editor. She hangs out around the brain stem, yelling at me for rambling, and writing sentence fragments, and using too many commas. She's sarcastic, abrasive, and occasionally downright evil, but she's not real.

(I'm the evil one? Do you see me going around and casting doubt on anyone's existence?)

No. I see you going round and casting doubts on my blogging ability, and my writing ability, and my general life decisions. 


I thought she'd make a good gimmick humanising her would make her a bit nicer. 

Spoiler: It didn't.