Sunday, 8 November 2015

Writers Never Sleep (Sunday Post #1)

(Isn't it a bit early to do this? You literally started this blog two days ago.)

 Yeah and, if you look up at the tagline, I'm pretty sure it says it's about reading. We've been on here two days and nobody has any idea what we're reading. Do you know how bad that is? Do you?

(You do realise that you have a widget that tells people exactly what you're reading at the bottom of the page.)

Oh, come on. Nobody looks at widgets. That's just there because I thought it looked pretty.

In case the big square button at the top doesn't give it away, today we're linking up with Sunday Post. Sunday Post is a weekly link-up, hosted by Kimba at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where bloggers gather up all of their news and cram it into one little post. It's awesome.

News from the reading front

I'm powering through Shaman King right now. It's a brilliant shonen (AKA boys') manga starring a laidback shaman and his...somewhat less laidback friends. All of them share the same goal - to win the Shaman Fight and become the Shaman King. It's very fast-paced, moving through arcs much quicker than the likes of Bleach and Naruto.

(You say that like it's hard.)

If you like manga, or comics of any kind, I'd recommend you check it out.

At the moment I'm in this terrible situation where any book that isn't course-related has to come from the library. 
It's called being a student.
The one exception to this is Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes which I brought with me and am slowly working my way through. It's witty, entertaining, and makes me absolutely desperate to get my hands on Magnus Chase. I'm also reading Dubliners for my course, and Shaman King volume 9 (power to the library).

Next up, we have The Lonely Londoners and Shaman King volume 10 , followed by a quick dash to the library to replenish the manga supply.

News from the writing front

Week one of NaNo 2015 is over and I have written...

12350 words

I was doing great, right up until the fifth day when writers' block hit. I spent two days barely managing to squeeze out one hundred words...until Friday night. Or should that be Saturday morning. I'd just gotten into bed after setting up the blog -

(And staring aimlessly at your NaNo novel.)

- when I suddenly knew exactly where I needed to go. I was straight out of bed and at the laptop at gone 2am in the morning. Considering my other best session was at 6am, I can see a post about the writing body clock in the near future. I also have a post called 'The Seven Stages of Waiting for a Book Release' waiting in the wings. Provided my laptop doesn't die a tragic death, it should be up tomorrow.

News from the baking front

It probably says a lot about me that I ran out of icing sugar before flour.  

So tell me about your week. Your NaNo. Your TBR. Oh, and if anyone has any advice on taking photos, I'm working with my phone camera and absolutely no experience, so it'd be much appreciated.