Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Five Film Adaptions I'm Dragging My Feet On

Today I'm linking up with the Top Ten Tuesday meme at the Broke and the Bookish to bring you a list of book adaptions that I'm...kind of procrastinating on. 
I'm not a massive film person at the best of times (saying that, my flatmates are slowly managing to convert me), and I couldn't think of ten. So here. Have five.

1. The Book Thief

Oh God, The Book Thief. 
I think this was the first book I ever marked as currently reading on Goodreads. I borrowed it off a friend and read it within a week. 

 (The writing was gorgeous - full of beautiful metaphors, and the narrator was death. Literally.)

I wonder how that'd translate on the big screen? 

(Well, if you're so curious, why are you procrastinating on it?)

...Because...because... I'm scared I'll cry! Okay?


The Book Thief: so tragic it made Mordred cry.

2. Mockingjay Part One

Can you keep a secret? I don't really like the Hunger Games books. Not at all. 
But I enjoy the films.
They were the reason I picked up the books in the first place. I bought the full set, though I'm beginning to doubt I'll ever read the third one.
Admittedly, the books do do some things better than the films - like portraying Finnick. When I saw the film, I couldn't understand why people liked him so much. When I read the book, I liked him too. Though not enough for my friend's liking. 

3. Love, Rosie

I love a good childhood friend romance, so I really want to see this. It's based on Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern and follows Rosie and Alex as they try to keep their friendship alive over entire continents.  

(This was literally in cinemas this summer. What stopped you?)

It's a chick-flick. You don't go to the cinemas for chick-flick. You buy it when the DVD is discounted and then watch it after a bad day, with popcorn and hot chocolate. And then you do it again and again and again, right up until the DVD breaks.

(Of course you do.) 

4. The Devil Wears Prada

(The premise for this one sounds oddly similar to a Bratz movie.)

This is another chick-flick, about a girl with the boss from hell. 

I can relate.

(What are you talking about? You don't even have a - HEY!)

5. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
No, I haven't read them, but I was sat in the living room once when they were on the TV and, every time I glanced up, I grew more and more curious. 
I'm a big fantasy fan, and I'm a big mythology fan. This is pretty much THE high fantasy series of the last century, complete with dragons and epic battles, and Tolkien took several of his dwarves' names from the Poetic Edda.

(Sounds like a match made in heaven. Why haven't you watched them yet?)

Pretty much comes down to the fact that there are three of them and, if I don't like them, I'll have to express my opinion from behind a shield.

Do we have any film buffs in the audience tonight? Anyone who's seen any of these? Are they worth seeing, or should I keep dragging my feet?  
 Please leave your thoughts, theories, moans and groans in the comments.