Sunday, 6 December 2015

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News from the reading front

People don't lie when they say that university forces recreational reading to take a backseat. The sad fact of the matter is that I've been reading Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes for more than two months and I'm not even halfway through it. My manga consumption has also slowed. 

 News from the writing front

(We did it. Again.)

That depends on your perspective. Sure, we made it to 50,000+ words, but we don't have a novel. We have a 20,000 word first attempt, over 15,000 words of cuts, and a restart.

(The restart was necessary. We both agreed on that. More emphasis needed to be placed on the protagonist's feelings about herself as opposed to how the world viewed her.)

 ...If anyone has any advice on how to turn off your inner editor, please drop it in the comments.

News from the Film Front

I am not a Disney girl. That said, I adored Big Hero 6. It had a fast-paced, surprisingly dark plot, great characters, and a funny script. 

It also spawned the world's best comfort GIF.

Show me someone who isn't cheered up by this, and I will show you Satan.
I also finished watching Supernatural season seven, and spent an amused several hours scrolling through Tumblr and admiring the fact that it has a GIF for EVERYTHING.

Tumblr is like the one house party I would feel at home at, but still don't go to because I never feel comfortable at house parties. Seriously, can somebody please explain to me what everyone does on Tumblr, because it's a fountain of pure awesome but I can't understand how it produces all that awesome.


So tell me about your week. What are you reading? Did you finish NaNo?