Sunday, 10 January 2016

Announcing Norse Mythology Week

I always get my best ideas in bed. On a bad night, I'm up and over to my memo block six or seven times. Norse mythology is my favourite mythology, and I already knew quite a lot about it before I started reading Magnus Chase so, rather than just review the book, I figured I'd do a theme week. Next week, to be precise.

The schedule looks a little something like this -

Monday 11th: Who's who in Norse Mythology

Tuesday 12th: Break for Top Ten Tuesday

Wednesday 13th: Magnus Chase review

Thursday 14th: Review of Joanne Harris' Runemarks series (Runemarks, Runelight and the prequel, The Gospel of Loki)

Friday 15th: Tourist Guide to the Norse Underworld

I hope you'll drop by for a week filled with tragic death, Loki, and more tragic death. Warning, because Norse mythology is DARK. Be prepared for murder, betrayal, and cursing by Norse deities. 

Happy Sunday!