Thursday, 11 February 2016

Themed Names - From The Garden

How do you name your characters? Do you pick names you already know? Do you scour the internet for names that fit the setting? Or do you theme name?

I do all three but, recently, I've really gotten into theme naming. Finding the perfect name for your character is hard enough but, when you're sticking to a theme, it can get really difficult after a while to find names that fit the pattern and won't leave anyone who hacks into your hard drive in peals of laughter.

(Or, you know, anyone you let read it.)

You're hilarious. 

I absolutely love names, so I thought I'd make some lists based around common themes.

Girls' Names From The Garden

Rose: The flower of love. For variation, consider Rosie, Rosa, Rosalie, Rosalyn, Rosemarie, Rohese, Rosetta and Rosalind. 

Briar: Contrary to what Disney tells us, Sleeping Beauty's original name was Briar Rose. A Briar is a prickly bush. You could also consider Briony.

Daisy: This flower represents purity and innocence.

Jasmine: Associated with love, beauty and appreciation (it varies from culture to culture). Can also be spelt without the 'e'.

Laurel: Associated with glory and victory.

Heather: A purple flower, representing good luck.

Lavender: Another purple flower, associated with grace, serenity and devotion.

Violet: Yet another purple flower, that can be associated with modesty and the divine. The colour purple is typically associated with royalty. Consider Viola as an alternative.

Flora: Refers to the plants of a particular place in general. Florence is an alternative.

Fauna: Refers to the animals of a particular place in general. Can also mean chastity.

Fearne: As in 'fern' which, funnily enough, can also be used as a spelling. 

Holly: A plant with distinctive green leaves with red berries. Traditonally associated with Christmas. Can also be spelt Hollie. 

Hazel: From the shrub, Witch Hazel. Also, the name of a tree.

Dahlia: Can represent anything from change and travel to betrayal.

...There's something I wish I'd known back when I first played the Ace Attorney games.

Iris: A white flower symbolising purity and innocence. It has religious connotations. Also the name of the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow.

Azalea: I've never seen this one used as a name in fiction or real life, but I think it would make a really beautiful one, so on the list it goes. Apparently, it's a symbol of femininity.

Camellia: A genus of plants. Could be used as an alternative to Camille, Camilla, or the unisex name, Cameron. 

Pansy: A symbol of rememberance.

Poppy: Polite reminder that a sedative can be made from poppies. They symbolise sleep, death and, obviously, are associated with remembering soldiers who die at war.

Sakura: The Japanese word for cherry blossom can also be used as a name. Symbolises accomplishment.

Kiku: The Japanese word for Chrysanthemum, a flower with connotations of nobility and purity.  

Ran: Japanese name meaning 'water lily'. Also, a Jotun Goddess of drowning.

Willow: A deciduous tree.

(Aren't you forgetting one?)

Ivy: A creeping vine with distinctive green leaves and poisonous berries. Looks gorgeous on old buildings, but can do terrible structural damage. Associated with binding and fidelity.

(I'm not poisonous. And I'm not damaging either. I'm encouraging, and helpful, and -)

Suffocating? Brutal? Catty?

*Two hours later*

Sarcastic? Malignant? Cruel?

(A spiel like that could really make a person feel unwanted.)

I'm so glad we understand each other.

Boys' Names From The Garden

Adonis: From classical mythology. An anemone flower grew from his blood.

Bracken: I'm not convinced this has ever been used as a name, but it's not the worst one I've come across. Bracken is a type of fern.

Bud: All flowers start as buds. Could be used as a shortened form of Buddy.

Basil: A herb. Also, a talking fox. 

Heath: 'Moorland'.

Ren: The male equivalent of Ran.

Sylvester: Meaning 'forest'. 

Unisex Names From The Garden

Ash: A type of tree. Could be used as a shortened form of Ashley/Ashleigh, or entirely on its own.

Rowan: A type of Ash tree. Can also mean 'red'. 

(This post is a little heavily geared towards girls' names, don't you think?)

Would you like to try finding half-decent flower names for boys? 

Speaking of which, if you can think of anymore, please leave them in the comments.