Thursday, 31 March 2016

All's Fair in Love and War - Half Lost by Sally Green
5/5 Stars

The day before this book was released, I saw a spoiler by accident. I didn't believe it was true, honestly, I didn't. I thought it was just a troll looking for attention.

It wasn't.

Now, I know there are a lot of people who think that five stars should be reserved only for perfect books, but I rate by gut instinct. No, this book wasn't perfect, the most obvious flaw being that Vardia and Linus swapped witch types between their first and second mention, but it still gets five stars from me because of the characters and the ending.
This is the one where Gabriel stands up to Nathan and tells him that he's out of line.
That was a relief and a half for me, because I did feel like their relationship had become rather abusive at the beginning.

This is the one that will (hopefully) stop people hating on Annalise.
(Nothing Annalise could do would ever stop people hating on her. Ever.)
You're joking, right? If she hadn't have been there at the climax, things could've worked out very differently.
This is the one where the amulet from the previous book comes into play.
I was worried that it would turn Nathan into a boring invincible hero, but the amulet's protection has its flaws.

This is the one where it all ends.
And what an ending it is. I don't think it hit me until the chapter after it happened. That chapter, when Nathan was with Arran and Adele, and Gabriel was climbing up and diving off the cliff into the lake, made me go and finish the book alone in my room. That's how worried I was that I was going to cry. The worst thing about the ending is that, in a way, it's Nathan's fault. If he hadn't had the amulet... If he hadn't screamed for Arran...

This is the one where everything comes full circle.
My favourite thing about the ending is that everything's different, and yet nothing has changed.

Overall, I'm very happy with the way this series ended. No, it wasn't wrapped up with a bow, but I was actually expecting more characters to die.
I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for Sally Green's next series.