Saturday, 5 March 2016

Themed Names - Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain

Add a splash of colour to your story with a rainbow-themed name.

Names that are red -

For Girls

Scarlett: a shade of red. Sometimes spelt Scarlet.

Rose: a red flower associated with love. Variations include Rosie, Rosemarie, Rosalyn, Rosalie etc.

Holly a plant with red berries.

Poppy: a red flower.

Cerise: French for cherry.

Ruby: yes, some of them are actually pink, but people tend to associate this gem exclusively with the colour red.

Garnet: January birthstone. Commonly thought of as dark red, though it comes in plenty of other colours.

(Ruby? Garnet? Oh gee, I wonder what you read as a kid?)

For Boys

Adam: hebrew name with a meaning that seems to refer to the red earth. Who knew Adam was really the first man on Mars?

Jasper: a gemstone that is most commonly found in shades of brown, red and mustard.

Russell: meaning redheaded. Also consider Russet, which is a shade of red-brown. 


Rowan: a unisex name thought to refer to a person being small and redheaded.

Name that are Orange -

For Girls

Amber: both a shade of orange and a gemstone of the same colour.

Honey: unfortunately.

Sienna: a shade of orange.

Ember: the glowing remains of a fire.

For Boys

Rusty: works for fairweather friends and people who're a little out of practise.

Names that are Yellow -

For Girls

Saffron: a shade of yellow. Can be shortened to Safie.

Flavia: Roman name meaning blonde.

Xanthia: feminine form of Xanthus.

For Boys

Blaine: meaning 'little yellow one'.

Conway: an Irish name meaning 'yellow hound'. Possibly my favourite out of all of the ones on this list just because of the way it sounds. 

Xanthus: meaning blonde. Also the name of one of Achille's immortal horses. Xanthos is an alternative spelling. 

Names that are Green -

Beryl: associated with several colours of gemstone, including emerald.

Chloe: a name associated with Demeter, Greek Goddess of agriculture. Means 'green shoot'.

Emerald: a gemstone that is most commonly depicted as green.

Fern: a green plant. As a name, it is more commonly spelt 'Fearne'.


Irvin: means 'green water'. Consider also Irving and Irvine.

For other green names, please see this post - and try to ignore the horrific formatting.

Names that are Blue


Skye: as in the Scottish Isle of Skye but, you know, the sky is up above us too. Skyla and Skylar are trendy alternatives.
Perry: could be short for Periwinkle. 

Nila: Hindi name meaning 'sky blue'.

Bluebell: unless your character is a fairy please, for the love of God, shorten it to Bell, Belle, or Bella. Or Blue, I suppose. But Blue is kind of taken.

Sapphire: a gemstone typically depicted as blue (but, apparently, nobody told that to the makers of Rune Factory 3). Can by shortened to Saph or Safie.


Shyam: Sanskrit name meaning either blue or black.

Hinto: a Native American name meaning blue.  


Aoi: Japanese name meaning 'blue'.

Names that are Indigo


Indigo: can be shortened to the more fashionable Indy/Indi for girls. 

Names that are Violet


Violet: a shade of purple. Also consider the Latin form, Viola.

Lilac: another shade of purple. Personal opinion alert: despite sounding delicate, this one always strikes me as a little clumsy. It can be shortened to 'Lila', though that name means something totally different.

Heather: a purple flower.

Lavender: also a purple flower.

Amethyst: a gem that is usually depicted as purple. Can be shortened to Amy.

Iola: Greek for 'violet'.

Iantha: The Latin form of Ianthe (also a name, by the way), meaning 'violet flower'.

Can you think of any boys names related to the colour purple?