Tuesday, 19 April 2016

"BRAINS!!!!" - The Zombie Apocalyse Book Tag

It started with the welts, the sweating, and the fever. Then, there was the inexplicable urge to bite. To be fruitful and multiply. All over the world, a curfew was set. Not for control, or punishment, but for safety. When the sun went down, the zombies came out. They crept through the streets, searching for late runners. Searching. Sneaking. Snacking. Eventually, in a small town in a mysterious country, the zombies outnumbered the people. The few survivors huddled together in the library and waited for the barricade they'd built to break. Over the scrape scrape scrape of ragged nails on wood, they told their stories...

Was I tagged? No, but my understanding of tags is that anyone can do them so long as they link back to the creator. 

(Well, I'm sure people will tell you if you're understanding is wrong. This is the internet, after all.)

This tag was created by Nathan Hale.

You're supposed to pick your five favourite books, but a lot of my favourite books are at home, so I'll have to make do with the ones I brought to uni with me. 
 My five chosen books are -
  1. The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman
  2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling
  3. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
  4. The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris
  5. All Fall Down by Ally Carter
 Going in this order, I will flick through one book per two questions and choose the first character my eye falls upon to answer it.

1. The first person to die - Kai. I'm sure this will mean so much more to me once I've read the book. I only bought it today.

2. The person you trip to get away from the zombies - I got Kai again...so I guess that explains what happened to him.

3. The first person to turn into a zombie - Harry. Oh dear, I guess the dark lord will be rising after all.

4. The person that trips you to get away from the zombies - Hagrid. Rude.

5. The idiot of the team - Gorry. Ah yes, the idiot who thought he could make Sean believe there was a horse better than Corr. He'll make good bait.

6. The 'brains' of the team - Dory Maud. 
(...Would anyone like to start taking bets on their chances of survival?)

7. The team's medic - Sigyn. Typical. A series with an actual healer (Idun, in case anyone was wondering) and we get Sigyn. Thank you, luck of the draw.

8. The weapon expert - Dvalin. A dwarf who can forge magical items in charge of weaponary? YES! 

9. The brawler - Noah. Um...

(And that brings the death count up to two.)    

10. The team captain - Noah, again, which would be good if he hadn't just died. 

I tag Cait @ Paper Fury, Kate @ the Magic Violinist, Jo @ JJBookLoversBlog, and you, yes you, the very person who is reading this post right now. I personally love being tagged -

(Because she's lazy and tags are easy.)

- But tagging others always makes me feel really nervous, even though there's no obligation for anyone to actually do them. It's not like I'm going to hunt you down and force you.

What do you think of my team? How long would they survive?