Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Ten Things That Make a Bookworm's Day a Billion Times Better


At first, I was completely stumped by today's prompt from the awesome guys at the Broke and the Bookish. I mean, what are bookworm delights? And where do I get some? Naturally, inspiration refused to strike until the night before I needed to post this. Thank you, brain-that-hates-me.

(You're welcome.)

So, in no particular order, here are ten bookish things that never fail to make my day.

1. Finding a book on the shelves before its release date

Anyone who's waiting impatiently for the Raven King (WHICH COMES OUT TODAY!!!!!!) is aware that a lot of book shops released it early. When you walk into a book shop and see a book that you know is not supposed to be out yet sat on the shelf, it is the best feeling in the world.

...Of course, when you're not one of the lucky ones, it's the most irritating thing in the world. But let's not think about all the spoilers we're dodging, like Hollywood spies dipping and diving over lasers.  

(Would you like some sugar to sweeten that sour?)

It was merely an observation.

2. Reading about a fellow bibliophile

There is nothing better than reading a book about a bibliophile. They're the ultimate relatable character. I've just finished The Invisible Library (review imminent), a novel which revolves around books and boasts a cast full of bookworms. Highly recommended.

(Advance warning - you're going to be hearing a lot about this one.)

3. Finding your favourite tropes

Sometimes, you go into a book completely blind. When you do this and find the book contains one of your favourite tropes, it's like finding a one-of-a-kind, magical weapon in a dragon's hoard. 

4. Watching a film adaption that actually follows the book(s)

(This is a thing?)

Clearly you have never seen the Harry Potter films.

(Clearly you saw a different version of the Deathly Hallows to me. Where was Dean Thomas? And, whilst we're on the subject of things that were cut, Ginny. In general.)

You say that like she was never in them at all. Sometimes, plotlines have to be cut due to time constraints, other commitments that the actors have, or the simple fact that there's only so much that special effects can do. I never said that they followed them perfectly, word for word, but, considering we're comparing them to films like the Percy Jackson -

Okay, I admit, that might be overstating the point a little.

5. Watching a film adaption that doesn't follow the book but, somehow, miraculously, is just as good (or even better)

Hey! It happens! I didn't enjoy reading City of Bones, but I certainly enjoyed watching it. Of course, the film version was not too from the books - you could tell that they were part of the same franchise.

The How To Train Your Dragon films, however, do not even use the same world or characters. Somehow, they are just as good as the books.

6. One of your favourite book bloggers putting up a new post
Whether it's a discussion you can wade into, or a book review that adds to your ever-growing to-read pile, it's always great to get up to something bookish you can read as you shovel cereal down your throat.

(I'm sorry, are we on about book blogs or the Sunday post?)


 (...I meant the newspaper.)

7. Finding out the release date of a sequel you need more than oxygen 

Not that you're going to remember it...

Or buy it the second it's released...

8. Actually enjoying one of your course books

Lit students rejoice! Enjoyable course books are neither myth nor legend nor folktale. They're hiding somewhere on your reading list, waiting for you to bleed, sweat and sob your way down to them.

9. Finding a hidden gem at the second hand book shop

What's better than finding a book you've wanted to read for ages? Finding it for £1.50 in an obscure little shop that smells of old paper and spilt coffee. Bonus points if you could swear that it wasn't there yesterday.

10. Buying all together too many books

Raise your hands if you've ever binge-bought a library's worth of books.
*Raises hands*

I blame cliffhangers, bad days, and two for one offers.

What makes your day? Reading a five star novel? Meeting someone who loves your favourite book/series/author? Something that actually made it onto my list? Or something else entirely? Oh! And don't forget to link me to your Top Ten Tuesday posts!