Thursday, 5 May 2016

Blogging Schedule, What Blogging Schedule?

Do you plan your posts weeks in advance? Do you edit them numerous times before you finally send them live? Is your brain so full of ideas that your blog has posts scheduled for the next six months?

(If the answer to all three of those questions is yes, please can I come and live in your brain instead?)

I try!

(If by 'I try', you mean that you wrote one short, four post schedule a couple of weeks ago and proceeded not to follow it, then yes. Yes you do.)

The schedule in question looked like this -
  • Thursday - The Invisible Library Review 
  • Sunday - Ten Things I Learnt From The Raven Cycle
  • Tuesday -  Top Ten Tuesday
  • Thursday - The Raven King Review
(Scheduling, ladies and gentlemen, is the one piece of advice that you will find on ALL tips for new bloggers posts. Not just scheduling, but STICKING TO THE SCHEDULE.)

In all fairness, I did manage the first one. Unfortunately, my brain is refusing to function as far as writing ANYTHING about The Raven King is concerned.

So, no, I can't stick to a schedule beyond Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (and I even managed to mess that up last week). I'll admit, with the exception of this, which I was really nervous about posting and held onto for almost a month, I usually just give my posts a cursory glance for spelling errors before I send them live. And as for having a brain overflowing with ideas? Ha. I honestly type up my ideas as and when I get them. My blog posts are almost 100% spun from thoughts that have sprang from either stories I'm currently writing or books I'm currently reading. Some of them are completely spur of the moment, like my last themed names post which was born out of the desire to get something anything up before Thursday.

But, despite the mess that is the blogging bit of my brain, I like the way I blog. Maybe it goes against everything that experienced bloggers advise new bloggers to do, but advice is just that. Advice. If scheduling works for you, then that's awesome. You are in total control of your life. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Own your space, and experiment with it. Write a post entirely in GIFs. Review a book in pig latin. Launch features that you abandon after a post or two. 
It's the internet. People are judging you anyway, so you might as well have a bit of fun.

Do you stick to a schedule?