Saturday, 28 May 2016

Tagged! The Dragon Loyalty Award!

Thank you to Carly at Books and Etc. for tagging me for the Dragon Loyalty Award! 

Obligatory Dragon GIF.

The object of this tag is for me to list seven statements, four true and three false, and for you to attempt to sort the fact from the fiction.  

(Sounds woefully easy.)

Well we'll see, won't we.

1. I commented on book blogs for over a year before I created my own.

2. I have read exactly three and a half of the Twilight books.

3. I have created my own merfolk with their own appearance, anatomy, class system, gender roles, societal rules, etc. Now all I have to do is write the story that they're supposed to be in...

4. I am a Slytherin.

5. So far this year, I have failed to finish writing anything except a few monologues, and a short play (but that's better than finishing NOTHING, right?).

6. I loved the Merlin finale.

7. As a kid, I went through a Tamagotchi phase.

So, which is true and which is false? Ivy?

(I think I've got it, but you wouldn't want me telling them right now, now would you?)

Oh, I get it, you need more time.

(I do NOT!)

One week. That's how long you've got until I post the answers. Please leave your guesses in the comments.

Carly's already tagged most of the people I'd usually tag, and I can't exactly tag her back, so I'll tag Mironiel Blokzyl @ The Life of a Mirkwood Elf and leave it at that.