Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Themed Names - Angels

Most angelic names come from Christian theology and have been used for thousands of years. They make great names for heroes, and even better ones for villains. There's nothing quite like a bit of irony. 

(Used correctly, of course.)

For Girls

Angela - meaning 'angel'. In the UK, this name was popular in the latter half of the 20th century.

Angelica - meaning 'like an angel'. 

Angelina - meaning 'angel'.

Gabrielle - the female version of Gabriel, the herald in the story of Jesus' birth.

Mikayla - the female version of Michael, an archangel. Alternative spellings include Michaela, Michela, Mikaela...

Lucy - okay, so this one's stretching it a little, but Lucy, Lucia, Lucina, Lucille, and the like could easily be used as a feminine substitute for Lucifer, the fallen angel. Lucia is also the name of a Sicilian martyr. 

Seraphina - meaning fiery-winged. Possibly drawn from the 'Seraphim', the most powerful class of angels. Previously used by Rachel Hartman, as the name for her eponymous heroine.

Faida - meaning 'wings that are folded'.

For Boys

Angelo - meaning Angel. Previously used by Shakespeare for the antagonist in Measure for Measure, and by Rick Riordan as the surname for the son of Hades.

Michael - an archangel.

Gabriel - an archangel and the herald in the traditional story of the nativity.

Raphael - an archangel.

Uriel - an archangel.

Lucifer - an angel who fell for his pride. Lucas and Luca could be used as substitutes, though neither name has any relation to Lucifer. The spelling and the use of the name in a group with angel-themed names would give the necessary effect.

Cassiel - means 'speed of God'. An archangel.

Castiel - the most prominent angel in the Supernatural TV series.

For Both 

Angel - no points for guessing what this name means.