Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman (or Another Excuse to Gush About The Invisible Library Series)

"I was wrong, ran through her head. It wasn't a threat to us. It wasn't a threat to me. It was a threat to Kai, and I left him alone, and they caught him." - Genevieve Cogman, The Masked City, page 51

The sequel to The Invisible Library (my review - warning for excessive geeking and gushing) does not drop the ball. It takes it, dribbles it down the court, and scores the winning basket.

Irene (with Kai, of course) has taken up the position of librarian-in-residence in Vale's world. Everything is going swimmingly until Kai is kidnapped. To get him back, Irene heads to a Fae-infested alternate Venice. Alone. 

I recently found out that there are going to be at least five books in this series so, whilst I currently think that this was a character-building book, it is entirely possible that the plot threads and villains introduced are going to be important later on. I say it's a character-building book, but it doesn't really build anyone up. Instead, it tears Kai down. We all love Kai, right? I mean, he's a cocky, badass [insert spoiler here] who manages to get his foot stuck in his eagerness to kick something to pieces...but the events of this book were guaranteed to do a number on him. For Irene, it's more about her loyalties, and the order in which they fall.

The Masked City also delves more deeply into both the worlds of both the dragons and the fae. The fae treat their lives like stories, acting as an archetype within it. In fae-infested Venice, Irene uses the language in a way that reflects this. And it is brilliant. And genius. And I'd like the next one right now, please.

Have you started this series yet? Are you ready for The Burning Page?