Tuesday, 12 July 2016

If You Want to Read More Books...

It's July, guys. We are officially halfway through the year.

But how many of us are halfway to reaching our Goodreads challenge goal?

As of yesterday evening, I'd read sixty books out of one hundred. So I'm eight books ahead of schedule.

(But you're cheating.)

I am not. I'm merely using my initiative.

If You Want to Read More Books...

Read Shorter Books

Doorsteps can take months to get through. Sometimes, we don't have months.


 If You Want to Read More Books...

Read Comics/Manga/Graphic Novels

50% of the books that I've read so far this year have been manga or comics. They're much quicker reads than novels, and can be real lifesavers if you've fallen behind.  


If You Want to Read More Books...

Read Plays

These are marginally quicker reads than novels...just don't read Hamlet in one sitting. For the sake of your sanity.


If You Want to Read More Books...

Set Aside Designated Reading Time

Maybe turn that hour you spend surfing the internet before bed into a reading hour, or start keeping a book in your bag for when you're on the bus, or have a lonely lunch break.

(See? Cheating.)

It's not cheating. Books are books are books. Whether they're told entirely in words or in none at all is irrelevant. Don't shame yourself for taking what reading snobs might consider to be shortcuts.

How's your reading challenge going? Add to my list! What are your reading hacks?