Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Seven Reasons Why You Need Goodreads in Your Life

 Hands up if you have a Goodreads account!

(...One...Two. Yep. Looks like both the people who read your blog already have a Goodreads account. Preaching to the choir here, Rain.)

Even for you, that was harsh.
I joined Goodreads back in November 2014, and it's changed the way I read for the better. Here are seven reasons why you should consider getting a Goodreads account.

1. Who's up for a Challenge?

This is the entire reason I became a member of Goodreads in the first place. 

Some reading challenges only allow you to read certain types of books, or certain authors, and some ask you to read way too many books. The Goodreads Reading Challenge allows you to read whatever you want, and to allows you to choose how many books you want to read.

2. What Do You Actually Read?

Some people read novels. Some people read comics. 
Some people like non-fiction. Some people won't touch it with a barge pole.
But what we actually read can be very different from what we think we actually read. 
I knew that I read a lot of manga, but I genuinely didn't realise how much I read until I saw that it made up roughly half of my 2015 book challenge. 

3. What Would You Like to Read?

Forgetting about books is a thing of the past with the magical to-read button. 

(Having a manageable to-read list is also a thing of the past.)

It's also an excellent place to find release dates for those books you need more than oxygen.

(You mean those books that won't be out until long after you've asphyxiated?)

4. Listopia

Oh Listopia, the kingdom of procrastination. Land of a hundred lists of books, some related to genres or time periods, others to character archetypes and good old fashioned sarcasm. Here is a place where you can vote for your favourite (and least favourite) books. Here is a place where you can get a whole list of recommendations in a heartbeat.

(Here is a place where you can be met with the crushing realisation that nobody else likes your favourite books.)

5. Rate and Review

Rating and reviewing books means that we can look back and see what we thought of them. This is useful for helping us decide whether or not we should read more books by the same author, the rest of the series, or even take a recommendation for a similar novel. It can also show us how our likes and dislikes have changed over time. 


Add, share, and save your favourite quotes so that you never forget them. 

 7. It Has Trivia!

This should've been the only point on the entire list. Who doesn't love endless trivia?  


Yeah, but you're boring.

(No. I'm efficient, so I don't waste time on frivolous games. You're a procrastinator, so you do.)   

I might be a procrastinator, but I'm also the Trivia Queen.

(Self-proclaimed Trivia Queen.) 

Hands up if you have a Goodreads account! 


  1. I would be so lost with out my shelves and ratings on Goodreads! Nice post! :)

    1. Goodreads is probably my favourite social media site. :) Thanks for stopping by.