Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween Reads

The witches are gathering eye of newt and tongue of bat, the werewolves are preening their fur, and the vampires are sitting up in their coffins, running their teeth over their fangs and anticipating the taste of a fresh vein. Halloween is on the horizon. Here are some seriously spooky reads to get you in the mood. Charlotte by Alex Bell

Creepy dolls, an ouija board, and an old house with a mysterious past, what more do you need?  

The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

It definitely has a creepy house (just look at that title), but you'll have to decide whether or not it actually has demons and dark magic.
...Try not to get too attached to any of the characters. Monk by Matthew Lewis

Castles and monasteries, ghostly nuns and deals with the devil. Not recommended for children for the usual Gothic reasons. Accident by Diane Hoh

A girl appears in the mirror. Megan is drawn to her and terrified of her at the same time. The girl has a request. Megan is going to honour it.

I wish I owned a copy of this book, just so that I could see if it's as awesome as thirteen year old me thought it was. Woman in Black by Susan Hill

I read this in a night. The pacing is perfect. The suspense is glorious. Saving by Edward Hogan

This book needs more love. It's a quick read, full of suspense. Also, the clocks go back the day before Halloween, so I couldn't not put this ghostly little read on the list. Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Okay, so it's not particuarly spooky, but it involves an angel, a demon, witches, witch-finders, and the Anti-Christ. Totally topical. 

So there you have it, seven books that are perfect to read around this time of year. 

(Coincidentally, breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck.)

And, on that cheerful note, we'll take our leave. What's the creepiest book you've ever read?