Tuesday, 24 January 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Diary

I've been keeping a daily diary for six years now. Before you start, it seems daunting. How can you possibly have something of interest to say every day? I'd tried it a couple of times before, but, after a couple of days, I always forgot to write in it. When I finally settled into the habit, I started small. I bought a diary with half a page per day, and big gaps between the lines. Now, I have a full page per day, but I don't necessarily have to fill it. 

There are lots of reasons why keeping a diary is a good life choice, here are just five of them.

1. You Can Talk About Anything

Nobody is ever going to see your diary. It's 100% private. A place where you can be entirely yourself. The chances of even your future self flicking back through are low. Diaries are for writing what's in the moment. What matters now. It doesn't have to be interesting to anyone but you. You can write something intensely emotional one day, and babble on about your favourite TV show the next. 

2. Keep On Top of Your Goals

If there's something you want to achieve by a certain date, keeping a diary is an easy way to keep track of your progress. You can note it down daily, weekly, monthly...whatever works best for you. However you do it, it's always hugely motivational when you flick back through and see how far you've come.

3. See How Your Ideas Evolve

Some days, I note down how I've decided to alter characters and plot points in my stories. This means that, if I choose to flick back, I can pinpoint the exact point at which I changed a name or revamped a character's entire backstory. More importantly, I can see why. 
4. It's an Emotional Outlet

Problems often seem smaller once you've put them down on paper. Sometimes, writing them down can even help you find the solution. Writing down your problems can also show you why you feel the way you do about what's happening in your life. Negative emotions, like anger, often tend to dissipate once you've written them down, because you've essentially released them. You haven't shouted, you haven't broken anything, but you've still expressed it. It's gone.

5. There are No Rules

Skip a day. Fill a page with bad doodles. Write Friday's entry at 3am on Saturday morning. It's your diary. 

Keeping a diary is definitely a worthwhile activity, and there's no harm in trying it for a month or so and stopping if it isn't for you. If nothing else, you'll get a pretty notebook out of it.

Do you keep a diary?