Tuesday, 28 February 2017

February Wrap-Up

February is over, guys, and my God has it been hectic. 

News From the Reading Front

University has started back up again, which means that anything I didn't manage to finish over Christmas has to be put on hold for course books. So far, I've managed to stay up to date on my course reading. Unfortunately, a large amount of the reading for one of my modules is a few poems or several chapters of political writings rather than an entire anthology or book, so I'm already six books behind on my Goodreads Challenge.

Books Read in February

News From the Writing Front

I have vague plot (AKA a lot of contradictory planning for the beginning, and piles of loose notes for the rest) and a tentative start on what I expect to be my big project for this year. I'm planning to write the bulk of it in the Easter holidays though, since most of the writing time I have during term time is taken over by work for my creative writing module.

News From the Blogging Front

I have made seven posts this February, which is two up on January, and on par with February last year.

Most Popular Post: Five Blogging Resolutions

Least Popular Post: In Which There Are Sniffer Bears (The Burning Page by Genevieve Cogman)

Commenting Issues

Please don't ask me what happened with the comments, because I don't know. All I know is that, for a couple of days, I was unable to reply to comments. When I posted again, I was informed that you couldn't comment anymore either. I started looking into what was going on, but then I recieved an email saying that somebody had commented and, when I tried to reply, I could. I don't know how it broke, and I don't what fixed it. I'm just going to put it down to good karma and move on.

How was your February?