Friday, 7 July 2017

Beautiful People - Writing Process

(It's been a while since we've linked up for this.)

I know, right? 

Beautiful People is hosted by Cait @ Paper Fury and Sky @ Further Up and Further In. This week, it's all about the writing process.

1. How do you decide which project to work on?

I pick whichever one appeals to me at the time. If it doesn't mesh with me, I'm not against switching to something else. That doesn't mean I'm done with the story though. The one I'm working on now is one I dropped before, but now that I've come back to it it's flowing beautifully.

2. How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

Are we talking first drafting here or finishing the entire thing? I'm going to go with the first one. It takes me about four months to write a first draft.

3. Do you have any routines to put you in a writing mood?

I open up the website I use to track how many words I write each day. I also open up the NaNo website if it's that time of year. Sometimes I put music on, sometimes I don't. I'm learning to play it by ear on that one. I like to be in a room by myself too, somewhere quiet where nobody's going to talk to me.

4. What time of day do you write?

Evenings usually, but if I can write in the morning (around 10am-12pm), it comes much easier.

5. Are there any authors you think you have a similar style too?

I've never really thought about it, to be honest.

6. Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing?

I started because, not only did I enjoy it, but I was told that I was good at it. I keep writing for the same reason I keep reading, because I like to escape from the world and myself. Not to mention, playing with character dynamics is really fun.

7. What's the hardest thing you've written?

It's not exactly written. I keep starting it and then realising it's too big (worldbuilding-wise and in the sheer number of characters) for me to manage right now.

8. Is there a project you want to tackle someday, but don't feel ready yet?

See above.

9. What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going?

I wanted a first draft by the end of the year. I'm moving steadily along towards that goal.

10. Describe your writing process in three words or a GIF.

Tell me about your writing process.