Sunday, 15 October 2017

Shakespeare Plays with Terrible Morals

(They're not fables.)

Maybe not, but Shakespeare plays can teach us important life lessons. For example...

Romeo and Juliet

If you're going to fake your own death, warn your husband first.  

(I thought the moral of Romeo and Juliet was that you shouldn't rush into things?)

Oh shush. 


When returning home from battle avoid strange old ladies.

Much Ado about Nothing

Always check your facts. That means you, Claudio.


Talking to ghosts only leads to the creation of more ghosts.

Titus Andronicus

Always check on your relatives before eating something prepared by an enemy. 

(Hey. Her sons got exactly what was coming to them.)

For once, we agree. 

The Winter's Tale

Making false accusations will kill your first-born child.


I don't know. Ask Shakespeare. 

The Tempest

Usurpers shouldn't travel by boat.

Measure for Measure

Never cross a Duke.

 Can you think of any more morals for Shakespeare plays?