Thursday, 4 January 2018

It's a Resolution! (Or the Peasants are Resulting!)

Forget new year, new me. I'll just be satisfied with new year, minorly improved me.
Reading Goals

I've set my Goodreads Challenge at 75 books, cutting down on the last three years by 25, because I don't know where this year is going to take me. There's a lot of change this year, a lot of uncertainty (two of my least favourite things), so I wanted to scale it back a bit.

(Also you barely made it last year.)


I also joined seven reading challenges (including my own) because I have the intelligence of approximately one green bean. 

(She and the bean also share time management skills.)

The fact that I cannot dispute that is a depressing statement on my life.

In general, I want to read more sci-fi novels this year. I love aliens and I love space adventures, so the shocking lack of them on my shelves is a physical pain to me.
Writing Goals

Honestly, Bridewell's been plodding along all the latter part of 2017 and that's all I want it to continue doing. I would like a finished first draft by the end of the year and I would like to have started editing.

General Life Goals

I need to be more organised. That's a fact. I feel like, especially towards the end of last year, I was stumbling through life like Bambi on ice. 

I would like to draw more too. Maybe I'll take part in Inktober this year? 

(You think you can manage Inktober and NaNo?)

This is a valid point. Valid and hateful. 

I would also not like to die in a nuclear apocalypse.

(Well, you can't have everything.)

Happy New Year! What are your 2018 goals?